Macedonian Inspirations

Performance - Workshops - Presentation - Lecture


Performance - Workshops - Presentation - Lecture

“Macedonian music is the most beautiful and inspiring music in the world”, Gundula had declared with passionate excitement, before setting out on her first trip to Skopje, after she had travelled to many other Eastern European countries on a mission of music discovery.


MACEDONIAN INSPIRATIONS is the performance project which Gundula created from her discoveries. A music and dance show, telling a story of sorrow and sadness, war and peace, but also love and happiness. The story was shaped by researching the essence and cultursal backgrounds of the songs and musical pieces, portraying a musical Macedonian landscape with all its Turkish, Albanian, Former Yugoslavian and Bulgarian influences, featuring traditional folk and Romani music, latter received world-fame through singer Esma Redžepova and others.


MACEDONIAN INSPIRATIONS is on the academic level an artefact of comprehensive study and ethnomusicological research. On the performance level however, it tells the stories Gundula experienced amongst Romany people, Macedonians, Albanians and others: Tatcho Drom performs pieces which Gundula learned along the way; the musical arrangements and choreography reflect the meeting of incredible musicians, the encounters with wonderful beings and reflects the bright and the dark energies of this controversial country.


MACEDONIAN INSPIRATIONS consists of a PERFORMANCE, which is ideally performed in a theatre setting, but can be adapted to fit most other spaces such as lecture theatres, festival stages, community centres and outdoor locations.


Alongside the performance, we offer related workshops for singing, dancing, percussion and instrumental sessions (for individuals or combined for all instruments). We can conduct sessions on a community level, intermediate or masterclasses, or mixed-level sessions. In general, no previous knowledge is necessary.


Gundula also offers a PRESENTATION of her research travels, consisting of video and slide shows, a lecture and a Q & A session. This can be presented for both academic participants or for a community audience.